Alas, when even Amazon and now Google Books feel compelled to censor what they offer and take down our books and ebook versions of them, after years of decline in demand for physical books taking its toll, we have to face the facts and just stop this line!
We will continue to sell the books we have out, but unfortunately we cannot publish anything new anymore.
Sizzle magazine has stopped as well with issue 73. There are many back issues still available at special prices we're happy to ship you, however!
These days, porn is something you get from amateurs online for free or on subscription. Apparently quality erotic work as we've done is just lumped into this porn in many people's view.
After a glorious run that included the amazing eroticism of Crepax, Manara (both now being republished in 'discrete' packages making no mention of their highly erotic content- God forbid!) and many still available on our site, it's not fun to come to this.
But there you have it.
Hope you enjoyed it as we did.
And like I've said, there's plenty still available to order!
Terry Nantier