1)Please familiarize yourself with our company through our website or getting our catalog. We are interested in most everything from fantasy to humor, including erotica, mystery, general fiction, etc...We are NOT interested in superheroes. We have no need for illustrations alone including covers. (We do need translators from French, Spanish and occasionally Italian and computer letterers). We are also not set up to create teams, ie. match a writer with an artist or vice versa.
2) To submit: please send a one-page synopsis of your story which will include any pertinent background and some character development. For the art, please send copies of a few finished pages or pencils for the project or at least of previous work in the same style you plan on using. Please do not at first send a complete finished story as that will only delay an answer greatly.
3)If you want anything back, including an answer (unless positive), please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

To submit electronically:

  • Send no more than 3-4 jpegs at no more than 72 dpi uncompressed. You may submit a link to a website as an extra source but not by itself.

Send to:
Terry Nantier
40 Exchange Pl., Ste. 1308
New York, NY 10005  

email us: tnantier at nbmpub.com

A final word to the wise: Eurotica is recognized as one the highest quality graphic novel publishing houses in America. We launch 1 to 2 new artists a year. We receive hundreds of submissions... To get an idea of the kind of quality that will get you in, see on our site the new artists we launched like Quinn .

Thank you for your interest,  
Terry Nantier