Phil Henderson

Phil Henderson
After the tremendously successful first collection of pin-ups which went back to press 3 times, Henderson’s Extreme Curves is back with another collection of outrageously lush babes, curvy enough to send your head into a spin. Take 45-28-45 for instance. No skinny models here! Real WOMEN in all their unclothed beauty, lovingly painted for your enjoyment.
81/2x 11, 80pp. full color trade pb., $18.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-545-0

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Phil Henderson

A gallery like you will not see anywhere else. Here are women that are curvy beyond belief... 48 x 26 x 44DD, 46x 28 x 52. No fats here, just curves that will have you swinging off the road! After you see these gals, who actually exist and posed for Henderson, you will forever cast away the Kate Mosses of the world! THESE are females. All over! Henderson’s art has been featured on Sizzle covers (#19 being the most recent).
81/2x11, 80pp., full color trade pb.: $16.95, ISBN 1-56163-416-6


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